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Choose a real ring Tungsten Carbide

Not to risk too much on the purchase of the ring, it is advisable to check the reliability of the site, find out the composition of tungsten carbide that are selling, you'll possibly with small resellers who do not know say that comprises material that is selling .

Beware of those resellers who do not have a reliable contact form, or do not have a catalog where you put the light show that is dedicated to the exclusive sale and responsibility.

Beware also of those sellers that do not mention a way to guarantee that sell designs or spectacular or expensive stone at a price too low.

There are 4 things you should consider very important before buying a Tungsten Carbide ring:

1 - What is made of tungsten carbide, not 'Tungsten Steel' or simply Tungsten .
Tungsten carbide without Can be very strong but very stiff to turn, and could break easily and be prone to scratches . Carbide also gives resistance force.
2 - It has a high content of tungsten carbide (Between 85% -90%)
100% would be just extremely hard, but not leave room for the necessary shield nickel of which are discussed below.
3 - That not contain any cobalt alloy .
Cobalt is used to harden steel, is unjustifiable alloy with tungsten carbide, also known to react negatively with the human skin causing irritation and rashes. Cobalt may impair the quality of the alloy and play irreparable rust stains.
4 - What is Shielded with Nickel .
It ensures that your property hypoallergenic.

If the ring you purchase meets all these requirements, just need to make sure the seller offers a money back guarantee undoubtedly clear and unconditional. (No reason not to offer an immediate return)

Remember that good service quality and customer warranty, goes far beyond an easily navigable web articles at very tempting.

You may even come to the conclusion you avoid the fact of buying on-line, and seek to purchase a physical jewelry.
But the Tungsten carbide rings are sold in very few jewelers.
Furthermore, a number of benefits in online shopping, with the most direct benefit of the low cost, the client is directly benefiting from the absence of a shop with all the attendant expenses.

All our rings are made of tungsten carbide, our composition is as follows:
- Tungsten Carbide: 89%
- Nickel: 8.9%
- Chrome: 2.1%

We back guarantee, unconditionally, without excuses, and no questions.