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Alternative jewelry high quality: The Ceramic and Tungsten.

Meet the future of precious metals, with higher quality than silver and gold.

Titanium, ceramic and tungsten are considered "model metals" in the jewelry industry because they were not available to the consumer market as materials until ten years ago.
They have gained tremendous popularity since the introduction and become an integral part of the spectrum of jewelry material, but due to lack of exposure there are many doubts about this type of genre.

Tungsten carbide
(Also known as Tungsten)
Has the same density and weight than gold, but is 4 times harder than titanium, almost indestructible, scratch-proof. Only under extreme circumstances, such as abrasion from diamonds, can be damaged.
His great strength is its large distinctive time when compared with gold silver and platinum, it does not deteriorate and does not require any maintenance or polished.
It is the hardest known material on the planet, used as a parent and perforating the TBMs. Well known in the use of incandescent lamp filaments in non-consumable welding electrodes in electrical resistance in professional tools, and alloyed with steel in the manufacture of special steels.
Has the highest melting point of all metals and higher boiling point of all the known elements on the planet.
From a chemical point of view, tungsten is relatively inert and not easily attacked by most common acids.
A large impact makes a tungsten ring is intact, decomposed or destroyed to pieces, while other conventional rings (including titanium) is deformed and dangerously imprisons a finger. Therefore, in terms of security ring tungsten carbide is much safer to use.
It is completely hypoallergenic and stainless steel.

On the negative side I must say that a ring of tungsten can not resize it to enlarge or shrink a size, and the prints are made under very complex laser machines.

Probably you have heard and read much, and think on a plate or cup shattering, but nothing is further from the truth. A ceramic ring is made of a metal alloy composed of combinations of pure zirconia ceramic material powder.
No breaks and almost indestructible feature is what will make the ceramic rings so popular.
Are harder than titanium and almost always so resistant than tungsten carbide.
Do not change color because they are not dyed or chemically altered, its color is attributed by its own natural mineral combination.
Completely hypoallergenic and stainless steel.
A large impact makes a ceramic ring is destroyed decomposing into pieces, while other conventional rings (including titanium) is deformed and dangerously imprisons a finger. Therefore, in terms of security ring tungsten carbide is much safer to use.

Both tungsten carbide and ceramics in the jewelry environment, are very resistant in time, and lasting beauty is assumed.

Both are an ideal choice for those seeking something different, more innovative and better features than traditional metals.